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A Jones Most Improved brass microscope by Dickey

This Jones Most Improved type brass microscope is signed "G & C Dickey, 3 New Bond Street, London" on the base foot. It stands about 16", as shown in the photos, and dates to the early part of the 19th century. Focus is by rackwork that moves the limb relative to the stage. The plano-concave mirror slides up and down the square limb, and shows only minor age marks on its surface. The tripod base folds flat for storage. The top of the limb supports an arm that holds the objective tube and allows full aquatic movement. The barrel screws into the top of the arm, and the objectives screw into the bottom. The finish is lacquered brass with about 75% of the original lacquer present. The dark mahogany case contains a number of accessories, including a sub-stage condenser lens, an adjustable above stage condenser lens assembly arm, a fish plate, stage forceps, three bone sliders with an ivory talc box that still contains mica discs and brass rings for making slider specimens. In addition, there is a brass spanner key for tension adjustments, a live box, brass tweezers, a glass vial, a lieberkuhn, and a brass slider. A set of six brass lenses, marked 1-6, come with the set. Number 2 does not contain a glass lens element. The rest are in excellent condition, the optical system being surprisingly good for the age. The entire microscope disassembles for storage in its own mahogany case, measuring 8 3/8" x 11 " x 3 " high. This microscope is the evolutionary result of instruments that were designed in the late 18th century by Adams and Jones. The style continued to be made throughout the first third of the 19th century by other manufacturers. It represents the real beginnings of the scientifically practical modern microscope.

Item 1031

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