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19th Century brass binocular microscope by Grunow

An innovative mid 19th century brass microscope signed "Grunow Bros., New Haven, Ct" in small engraved script on the limb. This is the No. 2 Student's microscope listed in the 1857 Grunow catalogue.  It stands 11 " tall in closed position. The objective tube attaches to the limb with an innovative bayonet joint. Coarse and fine focus are also combined into a single rack and pinion control that works smoothly through its travel. The stage has a single unit "U" shaped slide holder. The plano-concave mirror is in very good condition with some minor aging around the edge of the concave side. The microscope is finished in lacquered brass with a black painted base. The lacquer coverage is nearly complete and in excellent condition except on the bar limb, which is polished only. Two objectives, both with internal threads, accompany the set. There is one eyepiece. The microscope disassembles to fit into a compact, hand dove-tailed mahogany case with brass handle. There are two accessory drawers inside the case, as well as a pull out velvet tray to hold dissection tools (see photo). The side of the case is partially lined with crushed red velvet. The interior of the case also demonstrates innovative features for which Grunow was know. This is a very fine, interesting, and novel example of American ingenuity from around the middle of the 19th century.

Item 1092

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