Miniature terrestrial globe by Klinger – circa 1860

A miniature (4” diameter) terrestrial globe made up of twelve hand-colored printed gores, the equatorial and prime meridian graduated in degrees and running in the Atlantic to the side of Africa and Greenland.  The ecliptic is graduated in days of the houses of the Zodiac.  The globe is contained in its original cylindrical cardboard box, the interior base covered with flax, and the exterior covered in tan textured paper to simulate leather.  The cover shows an illustration of three children around a table examining globes.  The box lid shown an old hand sewn repair, and the bottom lid is partially separated from the side. Australia is shown as New Holland and the word,  “Australia”, is written over the lower Pacific region. Van Dieman’s Land is not yet changed to Tasmania, and the Lakes, Victoria and Tanganyika, are not yet shown in Africa.  The cartouche reads, “The Earth, published by C. Abel-Klinger in Nuremberg.”   Since Carl Abel’s name was not associated with Klinger until after 1852, the globe is circa 1860.  The globe shows minor paper wear, has a darkened stain in the Atlantic between Brazil and Africa as well as a smaller dark stain off the tip of Africa.  It is in structurally fine condition, with mellow tones, good varnish and color for its age. 

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