microscope - photo gallery

Most of the micro photos were taken with antique or older instruments featured on this web site.




Watson Van Heurck Petrological - c 1893


Leitz continental style microscope - 1888leitz


deer tick - 40xdeer tick


Reichert, Vienna - 1925Reichert, Vienna - 1925


nylon fabric - 100xnylon fabric


ferrous sulfate - 100xferrous sulfate


Medical student's microscope with gas lamp illumination and bullseye condenser
gas lamp

dishwasher detergent - 40xdishwasher detergent


zeiss jug handle - c 1902


snail radula - 400x phasesnail radula


Bausch & Lomb - 1921Bausch & Lomb - 1921


salt - 100xsalt








radiolaria - 945x radiolaria





bone - 100xbone








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