Terrestrial Globe by Smith & Son – circa 1880 

A very fine 3 ½” globe by Smith & Son, London.  The globe shows exceptional detail for its size, and gives particular attention to the latest explorations.  Ocean tracks show the discovery routes followed by Vancouver in 1791, Captain Cooke, Clerke, Perouse, and Gore in 1780.   The ecliptic is shown, along with some historical notes, such as “here Capt. Cook was killed”.   The island south of Australia is named as Tasmania or Van Diemens Land; Hungary is listed separately without Austria; the Suez Canal is not shown; and the African lakes are present.  It stands 7 ½” high with a brass half meridian on a mahogany turned base. The cartouche is signed, “Smith’s Terrestrial Globe, exhibiting the whole of the Discoveries to the present time, London, Smith & Son., 63 Charing Cross”  The globe is in very fine condition with minor surface abrasions, sharp color and good contrast.  The extensive detail and attention to discoveries of the time make this a truly unique globe for its size.

Item 4018

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