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Schotte globe – circa 1885-89

A fine 9” diameter German terrestrial globe by Schotte, standing 17 " high.   Ernst Schotte began making globes in Berlin in 1855.  Within 15 years, the company had expanded its line to include nine globes of varying diameters with additions in fifteen languages.   This globe shows St. Petersburg, The Austo-Hungarian Empire, Dakota not yet separated into North and South states, and the Congo Staat.  These would tend to date the globe to circa 1885-89.  The cartouche reads, “DER GLOBUS, 25 Ctm. Durchm., Redaction v. C. Korbgeweit, Geogr. Lith. Institut, Berlin, Verlag von Ernst Schotte & Co.”  The globe is in fine condition with good varnish, noting some restoration work to a part of the United States and along the equator in the Indian Ocean.  The stand is turned ebonized wood and in very fine condition.  The meridian is brass with a minor solder repair near the top joint.   Overall, the globe makes a fine display with good color and detail. 

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