19th century 4 ½” terrestrial globe on brass stand by Rath

A stunning terrestrial globe with attached moon by Rath.  The globe is 4 1/2” in diameter with twelve gores, and stands 9 1/2" tall.  It rests on a decorative brass base with further brass support and meridian.  A wooden ball representing the moon is suspended on a brass support that circumnavigates the globe.   Congo Staat is not yet present dating the globe to circa 1885. The cartouche reads: “Prof. Dr. A. Krause, Nieuwe Globe, voor den Leeriling, Doorsneede 12cm, Schaal 1:106,000,000, Uitgave Paul Räth, Leermiddelen fabriek, Leipzig.  Surface wear is commiserate with age.  The warm amber tones combine with the liberal use of brass to give the globe an exceptionally elegant appearance resulting in a very decorative desk globe by one of the most respected engravers.

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