Floor standing globe by Nims & Knight – circa 1870

A very fine 12” diameter globe by Nims & Knight of Troy, NY with comprehensive detail.  It shows the telegraph cable lines in the North Atlantic, ship routes of famous explorations, including those of Cook, Clerke, Gore, Columbus, and de Gama, and some of the Antarctic coastline and the discoveries of Capt. Wilkes.  The ecliptic is graduated and shows signs of the Zodiac.  Alaska is labeled as the “Alaska Terretory”, and Van Dieman’s Land is indicated but also labeled as Tasmania.  The full meridian is engraved brass.  The paper horizon ring is graduated in degrees, houses of the Zodiac, and compass directions.  The Globe is supported on an oak stand and stands 35 ˝” high.  The Cartouche reads, “The Franklin Terrestrial Globe, 12 inches in diameter, containing all the geographical divisions & political boundaries to the present date carefully compiled from the best authorities Nims & Knight, N.Y., Rae. Smith engraver N.Y.”   The globe is a stunning and excellent example from an important American maker. 

Item 4024

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