Terrestrial Globe by Newton – circa 1836

An exceptional 12” terrestrial globe showing extensive descriptive detail, and a brass circle meridian.  The globe is mounted on a mahogany stand with paper horizon ring showing Zodiac signs, days and months of the year, and graduated scales of degrees for amplitude and azimuth.  The analemma is titled, “an improved analemma showing the sun’s declination and place in the Zodiac for every day in the year.”  A graduated meridian marked as “longitude from 30 London west” runs through Greenland.  The ecliptic is graduated and marked with signs of the Zodiac.  Numerous routes of nautical exploration are indicated, including those of Capt. Ross of 1818, Capt. Biscoe of 1830, Capt. Clerke in the Pacific, and an area near the Sandwich Islands with mention that “Capt. Cook was killed by the natives 14 Feb 1779”.  America is fully illustrated with the locations of many Indian tribes, such as the Snake, Pawnee, and Sioux.  Australia indicated as New Holland, with Van Diemen’s Land.  Very little shows for the Antartic, except for Enderby’s Land discovered in 1831.  The cartouche reads, “Newton’s new and improved terrestrial globe containing every recent discovery to the present time.  Sold by J. King, Optician, Claire Street, Bristol.  London, Published Jan. 1st 1836.”  The globe is in excellent condition, noting overall small, very professional and neatly drawn repairs, and some age spotting and discoloration.  In sum, this is an important terrestrial globe with comprehensive written detail and mellow tones of ochre and green yielding a display of exceptional quality.

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