Thomas Malby Terrestrial Globe - circa 1850

An elegant 12” terrestrial globe showing extensive descriptive detail.  The globe is mounted on a mahogany stand with paper horizon ring showing Zodiac signs, days and months of the year, and graduated scales of degrees for amplitude and azimuth.  The analemma is titled, “Analemma Shewing (sic) the Sun's declination and place in the Ecliptic for every day at noon.”  The ecliptic is graduated and marked with signs of the Zodiac. America is extensively illustrated with the locations of numerous Indian tribes, including the Pawnees, Sioux, Chippeways, Algonquin, and Osages.  The Antartic shows some of the earliest discoveriesThe Gadsden Purchase is not shown. The cartouche reads, “Malby's Terrestrial Globe, Compiled from the latest & most authentic sources, including all the recent geographical discoveries, manufactured and published under the superintendence of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, by Thomas Malby & Son, globe & map sellers to the admiralty, published at the globe manufactory, 37 Parker Street, Little Queen Street, Holborn, London, June 1st, 1850.”   The globe is in very fine condition with some professional repair  Oceans are a delicate, pale blue with a medium blue outline to the continents.  Continent color is excellent with wide pale pastel variations, good contrast and detail.  The globe displays a very commanding presence with its delicate pastel shades and extensive surface detail.

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