Laing's Planetarium late 19th century

A fine planetarium made by Laing and signed on a name plate on the arm,  "LAING'S PLANETARIUM, PAT'D CAN'A AUG. 27, 1896. PAT'D U.S. MAR. 2, 1897. A. LAING, ESSEX, ONT."  The original 3" diameter globe is also signed,  "Laing Planetarium Company, Detroit, Mich."  The planetarium stands 12 1/2" high from the gilted wooden ball representing the sun to the turned base.  The arm is 14 1/2" long.  The earth's moon represented by a wooden ball revolves to show its phases as well as  lunar eclipses.  Venus is located on a separate black, wooden ball, which revolves on the inside orbit near the sun.  The planetarium armature and stand is mahogany.  A knob protruding from the bottom of the arm is used to rotate the arm and sets in motion the complete motion of the planets and moon through the zodiac, which is printed on the base.  The complete apparatus is in very fine, working condition, with all pulleys working smoothly -- all in all, an excellent example of this important planetarium type.

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