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W. & A.K. Johnston globe – circa 1909

A fine 12” diameter 19” tall terrestrial globe by William and Alexander Keith Johnston, who had worked with Kirkwood & Sons in Scotland until 1824.  They began manufacturing on their own from 1825, supplying quality globes to both the British and American markets.  The cartouche reads, “12 inch Globe by W. & A.K. Johnston, Limited, Geographers: Engravers & Printers, Edinburgh and London”.  The globe has a copyright date of 1909.  The globe is in fine condition, with good detail, noting marks as overall as shown in the closeup photos.   There is a repair about 1 ” wide near the south pole, however, it is not apparent from the normal display angle.  The globe sits on a copperized cast iron tripod base with decorative claw feet.  In all, this is a very collectable globe in a popular size.

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