Hawkes planetarium

An exceptional Hawkes planetarium.  Standing 13" tall with a 16" arm, the planetarium has a small planet revolving around the sun and a 3 1/2" earth with rotating moon.  The base is polished cast metal with a printed calendar ring that is signed, "Hawkes Mfg. Co., Kansas City, MO, Standard Planetarium".  The earth shows St. Petersburg, and the Congo State -- the political situation in circa 1908.  The planetarium functions by turning the arm around the sun.  Doing so causes the earth to rotate, and the moon and solar planet to revolve demonstrating the effects of sunlight.  The arm has a small inset compass.  The entire unit is very well preserved -- the globe itself in excellent condition with almost no wear, the paper calendar also showing no wear.  The contrast of gold and silver coupled with the stark simplicity of the design give the instrument a very sophisticated machine-age appearance.

Item 4047

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