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Felkl globe – circa 1880-90

A fine 9” diameter terrestrial globe by Felkl standing 16 ” high.   Jan Felkl (1817-1887) was one of the most prolific globe manufacturers of the late 19th century.  Working in Rostok and Prague, he produced globes in seventeen languages, and pioneered the concept of gradated toning to portray elevation.  This globe shows St. Petersburg, the Austro-Hungarin and Ottoman Empires, dating it to circa 1880-90. The cartouche is signed, “Der Globus, Verlag von J. Felkl & Sohn, Rostok bei Prag.”  Felkl brought his son into the firm in 1870.  The globe is in very fine condition, with good detail, fine color, almost complete varnish coverage, and an ebonized turned wooden base in excellent condition.

Item 4001

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