A sun ray globe by George Cram – circa 1950

An interesting 12” globe by George F. Cram, labeled, “Cram’s Deluxe Globe with Automatic Daily Sun Ray and Season Indicator”, and Canadian patent of 1936 on the 11” diameter metal  base.  A semi-circular metal indicator shows the direction of the sun’s rays on the earth for various times of the year as illustrated by a pointer on the base.  The base is marked with the months, signs of the Zodiac, and seasonal notations for various times of the year and locations on the globe.  The analemma is titled, “Noon-Sun Indicator”, and shows the daily latitudes of direct noon sun rays affecting seasonal changes.  Land elevation is color coded in shades of ochre and green.  The finish shows overall discoloration, and some minor retouching. Israel is present, but Korea not yet divided.  The cartouche reads, “ 12 inch Physical-Political Terrestrial Globe, Cram’s (since 1867)”, with the copyright by George F. Cram Company, Inc., Indianapolis, Indiana.  This is a fascinating globe with unique features that set it apart and make it an interesting addition to a comprehensive display of globes.

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