Martin-Type Drum microscope – circa 1840

 An elegant example of the Martin-type drum microscope popularized at the beginning of the 19th century, this model measures 9 ” in closed position, but stretches out to 12” with various magnifications.  The microscope comes with six objectives of varying focal lengths.  It has rack and pinion focus with a knob on the side of the drum.  The mirror is concave with typical age veining, and is in usable condition.  The microscope itself is finished in lacquered brass.  The lacquer is 100% coverage and in almost flawless condition with minor spotting.  The case is plush lined, polished mahogany with  lock and key.  It is meticulously finished with a figured top and brass inlays.  Inside is an accessory drawer with velvet pull.  The accessories include three ivory sliders with four cells each.  One has opaque subjects, the other has transparent specimens.  In addition, there is a brass canister with brass slider rings, a stage forceps with white-black ivory specimen end, a live box, specimen tray, specimen vial, quill handled brush, brass tweezers,  two circular filters, and an ivory back ground disk.  This is a very complete and immaculately preserved example of this important genre.


Item 1158

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