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Dollond Cary-Gould type chest microscope

An innovative variation on the Cary-Gould type microscope, this one is signed "Dollond, London." Dollond has a prestigious history of making microscopes and telescopes that dates back to the middle of the 18th century. This instrument probably dates to circa 1825. It stands 10 1/8" tall, and is mounted in a case that measures 7 " x 5 " x 2". The microscope has an ingenious circular lens mount, 1 1/8" in diameter, that contains four separate lenses numbered 1 through 4. The lens mount clicks into place for each focal length and displays the lens number in a small window on top. The entire adapter unscrews from the microscope and can be replaced with another lens containing a lieberkuhn. The focus knob moves the stage up and down via a rack an pinion gear. The sub-stage mirror is concave and in excellent condition. Additional accessories include a stage forceps, brass tweezers, live box, small glass dish for liquids, a light-dark ivory disc, and two other glass discs for holding specimens. The lens barrel unscrews for storage, and the entire microscope folds into its own mahogany case. The instrument and its accessories are in excellent functional and cosmetic condition. The lacquered brass finish is nearly complete with typical age streaks showing on the barrel. The optical system is excellent. The case is in very good condition, but has an age crack on the top. This is a very complete and original treatment of the Cary-Gould type microscope. Its unique lens turret design, and chest mount make it an exceptional and rare instrument.

Item 1131

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