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A late 18th Century Culpeper-type microscope

A typical, fine example of the famous Culpeper-style microscope from the late 18th century. It is 16 " tall, and features the scroll-style body and stage supports typical on microscopes by Dolland of London, and in fact bears a remarkable likeness to his instruments. The microscope comes with four lenses (three in the drawer and one on the microscope) and features graduated draw-tube focus. The lenses are marked 1 through 4, which corresponds to the graduated lines on the side of the draw-tube. All lenses work perfectly considering the 200 year old age. The microscope has a stage bullseye condenser lens, and sub-stage mirror. Other accessories in a drawer beneath the stage include a fish-plate, live-box, stage-forceps, brass tweezers, and a small knife with bone handle. Three bone slides are present, but contain no specimens. The microscope and stand fit in its own wooden pyramidal case. It is rare to find a microscope of this age and type in such fine condition, and so completely accessorized.

Item 1020

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