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19th Century Henry Crouch brass binocular microscope

This 1870 all brass binocular microscope with Wenham style prism and reversed claw-foot base is signed: "Henry Crouch, London, 752" on the barrels, and measures a compact 14 1/4" tall in closed position. Coarse focus is by rack and pinion, fine focus by a wheel on the lower front of the lens barrel. Focus mechanism is in perfect working order. Eyepiece width is adjustable with a sliding lever control on the rear of the lens barrels. The microscope comes equipped with a double-nosepiece adapter, and sub-stage abbe condenser with wheel stops and dark-field shapes. The microscope finish is lacquered brass with a blackened brass base. The finish is nearly 100% with slight streaking. The plano-concave mirror is cloudy but usable. The microscope comes with a very extensive optical system comprising four objectives, two sets of binocular eyepieces, one high power eyepiece, two very high power eyepieces (equivalent to about a 15x and a 30x), and a separate bulls-eye condenser on its own stand. The lenses are a 2" in brass canister marked "H. Crouch, London", a 1" signed "Tolles, Boston", a " correction-collar with cover-slip markings and signed "Powell & Lealand" in script, and finally a " in a brass canister marked "H. Crouch, London". All lenses have matching brass canisters. The outfit includes a live box, a compresser, a blue filter in brass holder, a nicol prism polarizer and analyser, stage forceps, and a camera lucida eyepiece. The entirety is contained in a beautifully finished, dove-tailed mahogany case with brass handle. The rotating circular stage is covered with black glass and comes equipped with a sliding slide holder having two finger handles that make moving the slide a smooth and simple operation. The extensive optical coverage and easy mechanical functionality make this microscope a very complete and practical system that is as much a joy to operate, as it is to admire.

Item 1029

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