Grand Binocular by Crouch – circa 1885

A large and impressive Wenham style binocular microscope of the first-class, it is signed, “Henry Crouch, London, 4542” on the base.  Standing 16” when closed, the instrument weighs 15 pounds.  It features rack and pinion coarse focus.  Fine focus is with an indicator micrometer knob located on the side of the limb and marked, “Patent”.  Eyepiece width is adjustable with a rack and pinion mechanism.  The elaborate rotating circular mechanical stage has full rack and pinion lateral movement.  Micro movement of the slide stage is also possible by adjusting two knobs on the sides of the stage.  The substage condenser holder is height adjustable and is hinged to swing out of the way.  A knob controls rotation of the condenser that is in use.  Two other knobs control the lateral adjustment of the condenser within two dove-tail joints.  The 3” plano-concave mirror is excellent, noting some age staining on the plane side.  The microscope is very solidly built and comes with a full range of accessories in a separate mahogany accessory case.  The optical system consists of three pairs of binocular eyepieces and one high power monocular eyepiece, along with five lenses in matching brass canisters.  Lenses include a 3” by Swift, a 1” with canister signed “H. Crouch”, a ½” in “H. Crouch” canister, a ½” in “H. Crouch” canister, a ¼” Swift with correction collar, and a 1/8” Ross with correction collar.  All lenses are of very high quality and cosmetically excellent.  A double nosepiece adapter is included in the set.  There are four condensers: a single optical, a spot lens, a parabolic with center spot, and a nicol prism with matching nosepiece analyser for polarization work.  Other accessories include a parabolic reflector for opaque specimens, a live box, and a disc holder that fits into the condenser assembly and holds a brass live box disc.  The lenses and accessories fit into their own mahogany case with brass latches, one of which is missing.  The microscope comes with a large hand dove- tailed mahogany case with brass carry handle, lock but no key.  The microscope is finished in lacquered brass.  The lacquer coverage is complete, in very good condition, and has a mellow copper tone.  The microscope makes a commanding display with its elaborate stage, extensive accessories, and large size.

Item 1322

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