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19th Century brass microscope by Henry Crouch

This stylish brass microscope measures 12" tall in closed position. It is signed, "Henry Crouch, London, 4176", on the base along with "J. W. Queen & Co., Agents, Philadelphia", in script. Coarse focus is by rack and pinion; fine focus by a knob on the front of the optical barrel. All mechanical movement is excellent. The original lacquer finish has a coppery elegance at nearly 100%, except for a small area on the center of each focus knob. The base is black japanned brass, and its finish is also in excellent condition. The plano-concave mirror is excellent. The microscope comes with three objectives and four eyepieces. The brass objective canisters are signed "H. Crouch, London" in script on the top cap. The canisters are individually marked: 1in., 2/3, and . The lens in the 1inch canister is marked "Tolles". The other two lenses are not marked, but are original. A movable slide holder slips over the stage The condenser is a revolving disk of diaphragms. The dove-tailed, mahogany case is in good condition with a replaced back and lens board. This microcope is featured in Billings (figure 142) where it is dated as "before 1879". It is a singularly delicate flowing design by a respected English maker.

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