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Chevalier brass microscope – circa 1840

An exceptionally fine example of the Large Student Microscope by Charles Chevalier, Paris. Rarely found in such complete and perfect condition, this microscope is the same as one featured in Billings as number 75, page 39-40. Though unsigned, it is unmistakably by Chevalier, who rarely signed the student models. Height, as illustrated, is 15 ". Coarse focus is rack and pinion with a single knob. Fine focus is achieved with a unique sub-stage knob that moves the stage itself up and down. All controls are in perfect working order. The plano-concave mirror is excellent on the plane side, and with some age veining on the concave side. Two original objectives, with three stackable elements each, comprise the optical system in addition to three separate eyepieces. There is one additional button lens element. The individual elements can be used separately or combined to provide an extensive range of focal lengths. The optical system is in excellent condition, delivering a sharp image of good contrast. The condenser is a substage wheel of stops. Accessories include a stage condenser lens, a stage forceps, live well, and a complete and original set of dissection tools. An accessory compartment within the case contains a set of nine vintage French slides. The microscope is finished in lacquered brass with a green painted base. The lacquer is a deep copper color and is very complete with only minor wear. The green base is in similar excellent condition. The microscope is contained in it own original mahogany case with lock and key. The case is in excellent usable condition. Its near perfect condition and completeness renders this a rare museum quality example of an important instrument in the early development of the microscope.

Item 1283

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