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Small Cary field microscope circa 1820

A fine example in diminuative scale of the Cary field microscope. This one is signed, "Cary, London," on the pillar. The microscope itself measures only 5 " high without the case. The focus is rack and pinion of a movable stage. Three lenses of varying powers accompany the set along with one eyepiece. The optical system is in excellent usable condition. The " diameter mirror has age veining but is usable and does not detract. Other accessories include two ivory sliders with five complete cells each, along with an ivory handled dissecting needle. The microscope is finished in lacquered brass. The original lacquer is in excellent condition with nearly complete coverage. The small mahogany case measures 3 " x 3" x 1 ". It is in very good usable condition with its original green velvet interior divisions and velvet liners. The body of the microscope screws into a brass thread on the inside lip of the lower part of the box (see photos). This is a small scale version of an original Cary design. It is in overall excellent condition and makes a facinating, as well as, functional display.

Item 1141

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