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Large Cary brass field microscope

A uniquely large field microscope, signed on the limb, "Cary, London". The microscope without the case is 10 " tall. Including the case, the entire instrument stands 13 " high. A photo above demonstrates the scale compared to a standard sized field microscope. The set is very complete, including a total of six objectives – four standard lenses numbered 1 through 4, and two lieberkuhn lenses. As demonstrated, the lenses and forceps can be attached to the bar, thereby converting it into a compass microscope. The optical system is excellent for an instrument of this age. It has a wide range of focal lengths. Three ivory sliders, two ebony sliders, a live box, and a swing out stage condenser complete the set. The microscope has full aquatic movement. Focus is rack and pinion of the moving stage. The instrument is finished in polished brass with no lacquer remaining. The optical system is complete and funcitons very well. The mirror is concave with age spotting. The microscope is contained in its own mahogany case with deep green velvet lid liner. The case measures 8 " x 7" x 2 ", and is in very fine condition with expected age wear. The instrument is very impressive in its larger size, and is close in scale to the Jones Improved of the same era.

Item 1228

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