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Carl Zeiss-Jena

Carl Zeiss-Jena Binocular Microscope no. 263824 (arm), 4274911(base), 12369(1.5X swivel binocular head)- 5X Zeiss eyepieces, quadruple objective turret with 5X Tasco, 10X B&L, 40X Zeiss, and HI 90X Apochromat Zeiss objectives. Course focus, fine focus, and condenser knob in line below stage. Built in Zeiss mechanical stage (Nr.53200). Substage condenser with iris and filter holder. Light built into base with riostat and calibrated iris; light requires transformer. Finish and overall condition excellent except for wear on surface of stage. Height- 33.5cm.

Item 1079

Microscope and information courtesy Tom Sharp

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