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  Bausch & Lomb portable microscope

Very compact, but fully capable, this Bausch & Lomb portable microscope folds to fit neatly into its own case. It stands 9 7/8" when closed. The serial number of 186466 would indicate a manufacture date of 1926. It comes with the standard complement of brass Bausch & Lomb lenses: a 16mm .25 N.A. 10x, a 4mm .65 N.A. 43x, and a 1.8mm 1.25 N.A. 97x oil immersion. All lenses are in black metal canisters. There are two eyepieces: a 10x, and a 5x. A bottle of immersion oil fits into its own slot in the case. The microscope has coarse rack and pinion focus, and a separate knob control for fine focus. A standard Abbe condenser with adjustable diaphragm and filter holder fits below the stage. The finish is black painted brass, lacquered brass, and black hammer paint on the base and limb. The finish on the entire microscope is 100% and in excellent condition. The plano-concave mirror is in perfect condition. The legs of the microscope fold together to so the microscope will fit neatly into the wooden case. The case measures 6 3/8" x 10 " x 3 ", and has a black metal carry handle and its original keys. This is a usable instrument, as well as an interesting display.

Item 1033

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