Bausch & Lomb Jug Handle microscope

The instrument is signed on the base, “Bausch & Lomb Optical Co.”, with a serial number of 99510 -- the serial number dating the instrument to circa 1914.  The base plaque is the post-1909 Triple Alliance logo reflecting the union between Bausch & Lomb, Zeiss and Saegmuller.  The microscope stands 11 1/8” tall when fully closed, and opens to typical continental size and has a variable tube length.  Continental style rack and pinion coarse focus and micrometer knob fine focus work smoothly.  The substage Abbe condenser has two variable iris diaphragms – one on top and one below the condenser lens.  A circular filter slot is located on the bottom.  The plano-concave mirror is excellent on both sides.  Original lenses include three Bausch & Lomb objectives, a 16mm. 4mm, and 1.9mm oil immersion – all with original signed brass canisters painted black.  Two original eyepieces, a 5x and 10x, are included, along with two filters, a blue glass and a center dark spot.  Optics are clear and sharp with good color and contrast.  The instrument is finished in lacquered brass and painted black brass.  The finish is complete with very little wear.  The microscope comes in its original wood case with brass carry handle, lock, but no key.  The case is in fine usable condition.  The profile of this instrument is one the most stylized of the jug handle designs.  It features an integrated carry handle cut into a squared off limb, and looks sleek and sophisticated against the black and brass finish.

Item 1392

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