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Bausch & Lomb brass-black binocular microscope

The brass on this microscope has been professionally re-finished, including polishing and re-lacquering, so it will not tarnish. It stands 11 3/4" in closed position. The three lens turret is equipped with three Bausch & Lomb brass lenses: 16mm (10x) .25NA, 4mm (43x).85NA, and 1.9mm (97x) 1.30 oil immersion. The eyepieces are 10x. The plano/concave mirror is in excellent shape. It has an Abbe sub-stage condenser, and a Bausch & Lomb mechanical stage. There is a patent date of 1915 on the top, but the serial # 222278 would probably date it circa 1929.

Item 1044

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