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Bausch & Lomb Brass and black microscope

An early 20th century Baucsh & Lomb microscope in re-lacquered brass and black iron base, with serial # 156804 . It stands 12 " high as shown in the photo. The three lens turret is equipped with one 10x eyepiece and three Bausch & Lomb brass lenses: 10x 16mm .25NA, 43x 4mm .65NA, and 97x 1.9mm 1.25 oil immersion. The plano/concave mirror is in excellent shape. The controls on the mechanical stage work smoothly. There is a patent date of 1915 on the top of the base, but the microscope probably dates from 1922. The brass finish has been professionally re-lacquered and the iron re-painted black, where necessary. The mechanical stage has re-lacquered knobs, but retains its aged patina and adds character to the over all piece.

Item 1045

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