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Classic Bausch and Lomb near mint microscope

This is the classic Bausch and Lomb monocular microscope in its original case. It stands about 12 " high and has 3 original Bausch and Lomb lenses: 10x (16mm) N.A. .25 (marked "divisible"); 43x (4mm) N.A. .65; 97x oil immersion N.A. 1.25. Marked on the barrel "Bausch & Lomb Opt. Co. Rochester, N.Y. BM6585, this microscope is circa 1945 and in near mint to mint condition with only minor, almost imperceptible scuffing on the base foot. The lenses and condenser (Abbe 1.25 N.A.) are perfect and show no wear. It appears that this microscope was never used. It still has in place the clear glass factory slide to protect the condenser. The plano/concave mirror is in perfect condition. The microscope comes with a wood case (16"x 8 1/8" x 10 ") that has a black metal handle and original mint condition key. The case shows a little scuffing on the outside and some on the bottom inside, but is in otherwise excellent condition with 2 Bausch and Lomb lens tubes and a dark field filter.

Item 1043

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