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A stately example of an early universal model Bausch & Lomb brass microscope. It comes with its original invoice dated May 9, 1890. This is a very substantial microscope measuring 13 " in closed position. It comes with three original lenses, marked 2", ", and 1/5". It also comes with two eyepieces, marked "A" 2", and "C" 1". The microscope has a sub-stage condenser with rotating circle stops. The plano-concave mirror show minor age spotting but works very well. The mirror and condenser are made to swing in a large arc that could even place them above the stage. (See photo.) This is handy for directing light onto opaque subjects held by the forceps. A micrometer scale marks the position of the mirror and condenser relative to one another. The circular stage also rotates. In addition to the forceps slide, the microscope comes with an accessory camera lucida that clips onto the eyepiece. When positioned properly, it allows the viewer to see a projected image for tracing on the table under the microscope. The finish is lacquered brass that has taken on a beautiful copper patina. The lacquer coverage is 100%, but shows "crazing" that actually gives the finish a metallic glow. The wooden case is in very good to excellent condition. Overall, this microscope is substantial and imposing in appearance.

Item 1005

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