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R & J Beck binocular brass microscope

An elegant example of the Wenham prism binocular microscope, this one is signed "R & J Beck, London & Philadelphia, 9893" on the base. The serial number would tend to date the instrument circa 1881. Coarse focus is rack and pinion on the column, and a micrometer fine focus knob on top of the limb. The eyepiece width is adjustable by a sliding lever. All rack work is in excellent operational condition. In closed position the microscope is 13 1/2" in height. It has a circular stage with a rectangular glass slide mount on top. The glass is fitted with a movable brass slide holder. The entire assembly is easily positioned by sliding it in any direction around the stage. A stage forceps fits into a hole on the stage (see photo). The instrument comes with two original lenses and rear body caps. They are marked 1" and ". There is a single monocular eyepiece in addition to the pair of binocular eyepieces. The optical system is in excellent usable condition. The plano-concave mirror is in very good condition with some age veining on the concave side. The finish on this microscope is lacquered brass. The lacquer is 100% with only minor signs of wear. The binocular barrels and main body display almost perfect lacquer coverage. A dark stop condenser completes the accessories. The microscope comes with its original dove-tailed mahogany case with brass carry handle. The case is in very good usable condition but is missing its lock. This is a very smart looking binocular microscope in excellent condition. Its design is finer and more delicate that the bulkier binoculars of its day, and it makes a beautiful display.

Item 1149

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