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Smith & Beck binocular brass microscope

Refined elegance in a reverse base designed binocular, this microscope is signed "Smith & Beck, 6 Coleman St., London, 1836" on the main binocular barrel. It dates from circa 1856-1860. (Smith & Beck moved from Coleman Street in 1865.) It is a Wenham prism binocular (prism in perfect condition) typical of the era. The plano-concave mirror is excellent with no age wear on either side. Coarse focus is rack and pinion on the column, and micrometer fine focus on the rear of the stage. It has a lateral movement mechanical stage with a rotating slide holder. The eyepiece width is rack and pinion adjustable. All rack work is in excellent operational condition. In closed position the microscope is 16" in height. It comes with three Smith & Beck lenses: a 2/3" correction collar objective, a 1/5"objective, and a 2".  In addition, the set has an erector lens consisting of a brass tube (see photo above) with ruled marks on its side, and a separate optical tube that screws into the barrel. The erector then slides into the main focus barrel coming to rest above the main objective.  This optical device causes the image to be be rectified instead of backwards, and -- by altering the tube length --  results in variable magnification. An extra pair of binocular eyepieces complete the optical set to a total of three objectives, two pair of eyepieces, and erector. The entire, full-range optical system is excellent. The finish on this microscope is lacquered brass. The lacquer is nearly complete with some rubbing and scratched off areas on the base only. The binocular barrels and main body display almost perfect lacquer coverage. Accessories include a polarizer and analyzer, a bulls eye condenser, lieberkuhn, live box, separate brass slide holder. The sub-stage condenser is brass with wheel stops. The microscope comes with its original mahogany case with dual latches. The case is excellent but does not lock. An accessory dual nose piece allows the convenience of interchanging lenses. This is a rather complete, and excellent binocular microscope from a reknowned London manufacturer. It exhibits a delicate design in a full working apparatus that is in contrast to the bulkier binoculars that were more typical of the era.

Item 1055

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