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R & J Beck brass microscope circa 1895

An all brass continental model signed "R. & J. Beck, Ltd., 28181" on the base, it measures 11 " tall when closed. The microscope has rack and pinion coarse focus, and fine focus with a micrometer knob on top of the limb. The stage is equipped with a mechanical stage signed "R & J Beck, Ltd." All rack work is in very good operating condition. There is a swing-out substage Abbe condenser with variable iris diaphragm, and filter holder. In addition, a second variable iris diaphragm is fitted just beneath the stage, above the condenser. The plano-concave mirror is in excellent condition. The microscope comes with an extensive optical system including three original Beck objectives and brass canisters: a 2" (40mm), a 1/6" (4mm), and a 1/12" oil immersion. All are in excellent condition. The four eyepieces are numbered 1 (5x), 2 (8x), 3 (15x), 5 (25x). In addition, a camera lucida attachment fits over the eyepiece (see photos). The finish is lacquered brass with nearly 100% coverage, but shows spotting on the barrel and limb, with a small patch on the base. The microscope comes with it own mahogany case and brass carry handle. The case is in very good usable condition with lock and key. This is a very fine and impressive example at the pinnacle of the continental design.

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