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Early binocular microscope by Beck

Coming at the end of the continental era, with a serial number of 30280 dating it to 1908, this binocular microscope is signed "R. & J. Beck, Ltd., London" on its base. It measures a little over 11" tall in closed position. The Beck binocular prism slides in and out to provide both binocular and monocular viewing in the same manner as a Wenham prism (see photos). The eyepiece width is adjustable by turning the large knurled knob on the tube. Coarse focus is rack and pinion; fine focus is with a micrometer knob on the rear, similar to a continental model microscope. The microscope comes with an original Beck mechanical stage. All rack work is in excellent operating condition. There is a substage adjustable condenser with variable diaphragm, and a plano-concave mirror in excellent condition. The optics include three objectives: a Beck ", a Beck ", and a Flatters & Garnett 1 ". Three Beck lens canisters are included to house the objectives. The Flatters lens is missing some original varnish.  There is one pair of 8x eyepieces, along with a single 10x, and a single Watson 9x. The optical system is in excellent working order. The finish on the microscope is lacquered brass and black paint. The overall finish is 100% with only the most minor signs of wear. The microscope comes in its original wooden case with lock and key, and brass carry handle. The original design of this microscope is intriguing. It represents an evolutionary step between the popular continental designs at the end of the 19th century, and the streamlined design that dominated the second quarter of the 20th century. The sophisticated combination of black and brass, emphasized by the brass stage, imparts an unusual elegance to this unique microscope.

Item 1135

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