R & J Beck late model continental brass microscope

 A fascinating late model Continental microscope design by Beck, signed on the base, R & J Beck LTd, London, 29446, the serial number dating the instrument to circa 1911.  The microscope stands 10 tall when closed.  It has rack and pinion coarse focus, with micrometer knob fine focus.  Lenses include three original Beck objectives and a single 6x eyepiece.  The objectives are a 1, 2/3, and 1/8, all with signed canisters.  The parfocal optical system is excellent, producing clear, sharp images of good contrast.  The substage condenser is a variable iris diaphragm.  The plano-concave mirror is excellent, noting some weak age staining along one edge of the plane side.  The microscope is finished in lacquered brass.  Lacquer coverage is complete ,noting a few rubbed areas on the base.  The lacquer on the limb has a brushed brass look that is very appealing.  The microscope comes with its own mahogany case with brass carry handle, lock and key.  The case is in excellent usable condition.  Overall the microscope is an original variation of a late model jug handle continental design, the limb -- with its unique scrolling curvature -- operating as a carry handle for the instrument.  It is a very fine, working example by a prestigious firm, as enjoyable to use as to observe. 

Item 1351

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