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19th century Baker Binocular brass microscope

A substantial brass binocular microscope by Baker in a compact mahogany case. It is signed on the bar-limb: "Baker, 244 High Holborn, London", and stands 16 1/12 tall when closed.   Additionally, it is signed in script on the body tube: "H. & E. Crouch, 64a Bishopsgate St., London", which would date the microscope to circa 1865. The binocular tube has a Wenham prism, and variable-width eyepiece control. Coarse focus is rack-and-pinion; fine focus by a knob on the bar-limb. The microscope has a mechanical stage with full lateral and circular movement. The optical condenser is laterally adjustable by means of two thumb-screws, and has an adjustable iris diaphragm and filter holder. The outfit also comes with three other condensers: a simple condenser with wheel stops, a parabolic condenser with adjustable center dark-field stop, and a polaroid condenser with accompanying analyser. There is one pair of binocular eyepieces, and four additional monocular eyepieces in the accessory drawer inside the case. Objectives include three marked "Baker, London" on the canister: 2" (2x), 1" (10x), and " (40x), along with a 1/12" oil immersion marked "H. Crouch, London" on the canister. The plano/concave mirror is excellent. An accessory lens holder attaches to the body tube and accommodates two objectives. Additional accessories include a stage side-reflector, a selenite stage to control color with the polarizer, along with a variety of compressors. The finish of the microscope and accessories is lacquered brass. The microscope retains most of its finish while showing some streaks of wear on the front of the body tube. All the controls functional well, as you might expect from such a solidly built instrument. The dove-tailed mahogany case with its interior accessory drawer is in excellent condition. The microscope disassembles at the bar-limb to make a more compact package in the case. The fully loaded case weighs a substantial 30 pounds. Baker had a reputation for a solidly built, well-ordered base. This impressive microscope is no exception.

Item 1019

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