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No. 2 Compound brass microscope by Baker – circa 1860

This elegant example of the number 2 stand by Baker is mentioned in early editions of "The Microscope" by Hogg, where it is "well recommended for medical purposes where a good stand is required". It is signed on the base, "Baker, 244 High Holborn, London", and measures 16 1/4" tall in closed position. Coarse focus is rack and pinion in a sturdy squared channel. Fine focus is nosepiece type with a micrometer knob located behind the optical tube. The microscope comes with a full mechanical stage with lateral movements and rotating slide tray. All controls are in fine operating condition. The 2 " diameter plano-concave mirror is excellent on both sides with no signs of age wear. Three lenses come in brass canisters marked with Baker’s name on the top. Focal lengths include 4/10", ", and 1/8". Two eyepieces complete the optical system. Accessories include a standing bullseye condenser, a stage forceps, and two sub-stage condenser plates. The microscope is finished in lacquered brass with complete coverage in fine condition, noting age spotting and some streaking on the barrel. The foot of the stand is finished in lacquered, machined brass. The microscope disassembles to fit into its own compact mahogany case with interior accessory drawer, brass carry handle, and lock with key. Inside is an original placard entitled, "Magnifying Powers of C. Baker’s Achromatic Objective glasses". The case is in very fine usable condition. Overall, the microscope is an excellent example of the classic bar-limb style by one of England’s premier manufactures.

Item 1270

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