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19th century Bailey brass microscope

An elegantly designed 19th century brass microscope that measures 10 1/4" high when straight and in closed position. It is signed: " R Bailey, 14 Bennetts Hill, Birmingham." on the base (see photo). As evidenced from the page out of the C. Baker Catalogue above, this microscope was really made by Baker, as his "Medical Microscope".  Baker, himself, patterned it after Hartnack.  It first appeared in the Baker catalog of 1887.   The popularity and price of the smaller continental design forced the English makers to follow suit in order remain competitive.  Coarse focus on this instrument is by push tube, and fine focus by a knob on top of the column. The single, concave mirror is in excellent condition. The eyepiece and single lens (equivalent in power to about a 10x modern lens) are sharp and show good contrast. A sliding tube controls magnification. Two screws on the front of the column control tension on the fine focus. A substage condenser wheel with diaphragm stops controls the light. There is no case. The finish is polished brass with black oxidized areas on the mirror, lens, and substage to cut out unwanted light. This is a jewel of a microscope showing careful and thorough planning coupled with elegant and detailed workmanship as evidenced by the scroll work on the base and column.

Baker catalog page and information courtesy James D. Solliday

Item 1047                                                   

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