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Bausch & Lomb "Harvard" brass microscope - model 515-B

A fine example of the Bausch & Lomb model 515-B microscope with continental base, this one is signed "Bausch & Lomb Optical Co." on the top of the stage. On the side it is marked with the patents, "October 3, 1876," and "October 13, 1885." A very stable and beautifully proportioned instrument, the microscope is in overall excellent condition with 100% coverage of its original lacquer. This model came in several configurations.  It is listed as a model 517 when the continental horseshoe base is replaced by the B&L Universal triple-foot base. The 515-B model has rack and pinion coarse focus. (The "A" model does not have this feature.)  Fine focus is typical Continental style by means of a micrometer knob on top of the limb. The sub-stage condenser is a variable diaphragm, which bears the name "Bausch & Lomb Optical Co." and a patent date of 1876. The instrument sits on a solid Continental horse shoe base. The lens is marked as a 1" Student, and is divisible to yield two separate focal lengths. Two eyepieces accompany the set. The optical system is in excellent usable condition. One eyepiece has a dent in the side that does not affect its operation in any way. The plano-concave mirror is in very good condition with some edge aging on the concave side. The mirror swings on a compass joint and can be used for reflected illumination above the stage (see photo). The microscope is housed in its original wooden case with metal carry handle. The case is in good usable condition, but missing its lock, and having an age crack along the bottom side. This is an impressive and well-preserved example in the development of the Bausch & Lomb microscope series, and especially important as an early example of the Continental style.

Item 1150

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