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Bausch & Lomb brass continental microscope

A turn-of-the-century continental pattern microscope signed "Bausch & Lomb Optical Co., Rochester, NY, 73350" on a brass disk on the base. The instrument measures 11 3/4" high in closed position. The serial number would date it to 1908. The microscope has two lenses, a 4mm and a 16mm, both in excellent condition with corresponding black brass canisters. Two eyepieces, a 5x and a 10x complete the set. Beneath the stage is a swing-out abbe sub-stage condenser with variable iris diaphragm and filter holder. Coarse focus is rack and pinion, fine focus with a micrometer dial and indicator on top of the limb. All controls function perfectly. The mirror is plano-concave and in excellent condition. The finish is lacquered brass with a black base. The lacquer is 100% coverage with only minimal spotting. The black base shows almost no wear. The instrument comes in its own matching wood case with metal carry handle and two slide-out drawers for objectives and eyepieces. The case is in very good condition with lock and key. This is a fine example of the Bausch & Lomb continental style microscope that was popular at the turn of the century.

Item 1066

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