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Zeiss binocular microscope – circa 1931

An early binocular microscope by Carl Zeiss with a serial number of 242357 that would date it to circa 1931. It measures 12 3/4" tall when closed, and is signed. "Carl Zeiss, Jena, Germany" on the front. It has a quadruple nosepiece with three Zeiss lenses: an AA 10x with n.a. .80, a 40x with n.a. .65, and a 90x oil immersion lens of 1.30 n.a. The forth lens is a 44x Spencer. The substage condenser is missing. The opening for the condenser is slightly over 36mm in diameter. The variable diaphragm is on a swing out holder that is also rack and pinion adjustable to move the diaphragm opening off axis for oblique illumination. The instrument has a rotating circular mechanical stage with full lateral movement and a locking mechanism. The eyepiece width is adjustable. Three pairs of eyepieces -- 10x, 5x, and 15x -- accompany the set. The coarse focus is rack and pinion. Fine focus is a micrometer knob with indicator. The mirror is plano-concave, and is in very good condition. The black finish of the microscope is in good condition, but there is brassing apparent on the chromed parts that is evidence of use. A separate monocular tube is included. However the lever for detaching the tubes from the microscope is off, leaving the binocular tube fixed in place. The microscope is functional, as is. It comes with its own wooden case with carry handle. There is an accessory drawer inside, along with some dark field filters. The instrument is an interesting example of the early 20th century binocular era.

Item 1161

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