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R. & J. Beck brass microscope circa 1895

Stately and sophisticated this brass microscope of circa 1895 is signed on the base "R. & J. Beck, London 19240" on the base and "R & J Beck" on the nosepiece. It measures 11 " tall in closed position. Coarse focus is rack and pinion, fine focus with an indicator knob on the rear of the stage behind the limb. The rotating mechanical stage has full lateral movement. All controls are firm and function properly. The microscope comes with two sub-stage condensers that fit into a holder with two centering screws. One condenser has a condensing lens and wheel stops. The other has two wheels, one with stops, the other with built-in filters. The plano-concave mirror is in excellent condition. There are two objectives with the microscope. One is ", signed "R & J Beck", and comes with matching brass canister. The other is marked as 1/7", has no manufacturer’s mark, and comes with a mis-matched 1/8" brass canister signed "R & J Beck" on the top. Two eyepieces complete the optical setup. The optical system is in excellent functional and cosmetic condition. The microscope draw tube is adjustable for magnification. A magnification table is attached to the inside door of the case. Finish on the microscope is lacquered brass. The finish is 100% with only very minor spotting on the base. The microscope and its accessories are housed in a dovetailed mahogany case with brass carry handle and lock with key. Elegantly designed, smoothly functional, and perfectly preserved -- this microscope is a compellingly handsome display from a major British manufacturer.

Item 1056

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