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Brass Binocular microscope by R & J Beck

This exceptionally fine example of this popular folding model is signed " R & J Beck, 9245, London and Philadelphia" on the triangular stand. In its upright, closed position the microscope stands 15" tall. The serial number would date it to circa 1880. First introduced in 1864, this unique folding model became quite popular and existed in both binocular and monocular form. The instrument comes with an original case and a very complete complement of accessories. The rack work shows almost no signs of wear, indicating that the instrument may have never been used. The original lacquer is 100% with some minor wear on the rear of the objective tubes where the microscope may have rubbed up against the case. Coarse focus is rack and pinion with a fine focus micrometer screw and indicator knob mounted on top of the bar limb. The eyepiece width is also controlled by rack and pinion. All rack work is in excellent operating condition. The slide stage is spring held and allows for universal movement. The plano-concave mirror is excellent with minor age spotting beginning on the concave side. The Wenham prism in excellent. There are five original objectives with their accompanying brass screw caps: 3", 2", 1", ", ". A lieberkuhn fits onto the 1" lens. Two sets of matching binocular eyepieces and two separate monocular eyepieces complete the optical system. Four sub-stage condensers are included: a wheel of stops, a polarizer with analyzer, an adjustable dark spot condenser, and a parabolic lens with dark spot. A prism type camera lucida attaches to the eyepieces. All items fit into a pull out tray. A second pull out tray fits beneath the first and has spaces for eighteen slides and other accessories, which include a live box, brass tweezers, stage forceps, and a zoophyte trough with two ivory wedges. All accessories are in excellent condition with 100% original lacquer. This is an extremely well preserved and complete example of the later form of this very popular pattern.

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