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Brass microscope by Leitz – circa 1895

A small continental microscope, standing 9 3/4" high when closed, this instrument is signed: "E. Leitz, Wetzler 29375" on the optical body tube. The coarse focus is adjusted by sliding the optical tube in its sleeve. The fine focus knob is on top of the pillar. The microscope has a wheel of diaphragm stops under the slide stage, and a concave mirror that is in excellent condition. The optics include two eyepieces, numbered 1 and 2, and two Leitz objectives, numbered 3 and 7. The two objectives are housed in a small black leather case signed "E. Leitz, Wetzler" on top. The interior of the lens case is mahogany with purple satin cloth lining the top. The microscope is finished in lacquered brass with a black base. The lacquer is nearly 100% with some rubbing at the base of the pillar and some typical spotting on the tube near the eyepiece. The instrument and accessories fit into a mahogany case with a silver painted diamond on top and some velvet lining inside. On the bottom of the case, under the microscope, is a pull out lid revealing an accessory area. The case is in very good condition with some warping of the top so that it does not close evenly. Overall, the microscope is in very good, usable condition and a fine example of this smaller version of the Leitz Continental design.

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